Crêpe Lucette

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Trotting across a sunlit meadow in the lincolnshire wolds one summers evening, a good friend and I hadn't a care in the world apart from the niggling need to escape our mundane jobs! It was then a plan was hatched and Crêpe Lucette was conceived.

I was getting sick of going to shows, markets, events and festivals and the only thing on offer is cheaply made low quality burgers and various other fast foods that are high in fat, uninteresting and sold at extortionately high prices to the public.

From being a little girl, my brother and I had always loved pancakes, or should I say our gran's pancakes. It was such a treat when we walked in from school and the smell of freshly made pancakes were tempting us into the kitchen. Even to this day no one can quite make pancakes like my gran!

There are so many people you speak to who love pancakes, but you rarely see creperies or pancake houses in the UK apart from the franchises in London. Voila; an idea had been born and training commenced in France.


The 1940's plays a massive part of what Crêpe Lucette is all about. It was an era of hardship during the 2nd World War where people lived in hope, they worked together and lived each day as if it was their last. Crêpe Lucette is all about fun and feel good both inside and out.

When you see Crêpe Lucette at markets, festivals and events you will hear the sweet sound of soft swing music and ballads from musical favourites such as Glen Miller and Dame Vera Lynn which will be sure to put a smile on your face. Feel free to burst into song or quick step to the foxtrot.

Additionally the smell of our delicious sweet and savoury crepes will make your mouth water as they are made fresh to order in front of you. We have a great menu selection that changes with the seasons so you never get bored. All our ingredients are hand picked from local, free range producers to ensure that our crêpe are the freshest and tastiest around.

It will be hard to miss the glamorous Lucettes in all their splendour, wearing pretty polka dot dresses, victory rolls and fancy fascinators. Not to mention thier luscious red lips ;)

It is Crêpe Lucettes mission to provide something unique, that is tasty, fresh and sustainable and supports local communities and businesses... not to mention glamorous!!


My nurse, my hairdresser, my stylist, my confidant, my travelling buddy, my story teller, my cook, my accountant, my teacher, my taxi driver, my advisor, my councillor, my best friend, my GRAN... my INSPIRATION.

My gran and Grandpa (pictured above) are a big part of who I am today. My gran has given me the strength and courage to follow my dream and help inspire people with the world of Crêpe Lucette.

I hope you can be part of the Crêpe Lucette story as we unravel lots of tempting recipes, tips, food facts, event updates and new and exciting adventures.

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